#sousvide pork belly

Pork belly cooked sous vide on the #mellow from @cookmellow, served on lettuce cups with a bourbon reduction.

I had the pork belly already sealed with herbs in the freezer., so I started it Thursday morning, by selecting the pork belly recipe on the #mellow app, from frozen, medium rare, succulent. The app calculated a cook time of 48 hrs. I added the pork, still frozen, and some ice cubes to the cold water, and selected a completion time of 3 pm Saturday. So for the first few hours the mellow kept the water chilled to 40F, thereby thawing the pork gently. At 3pm it started cooking, while I was at work.

When it was done at 3pm Saturday, I drained the juices into a saucepan, added some bourbon and reduced it a bit. Meanwhile I crisped the pork rind still attached in a dry pan over medium heat. Finally I arranged it on butter lettuce leaves with the sauce on the side.

Bon appetit!

Wine Tools

If you’re like me and like the occasional 😉 glass of 🍷, here are a couple of tools I enjoy using on an almost daily basis:

Shown in the video are the Oster Corkscrew and the Savino Wine Saving Carafe (click link for Amazon product page).

The corkscrew is by far the easiest way to open a bottle I have ever tried, and the carafe preserves your wine easily for as long as it takes you to drink it, without all the headaches of pumping or compressed gas (I’ve tried them all). Just pour and enjoy!

#mellow meet #meater

A love story told in pictures:

#meater thermometer from @apptionlabs inserted in chop,

chop inserted in bag, bag dropped into #mellow water bath and were off to the races:


Pork chop was part of this #sunbasket meal

Conclusion: They pretty much agree both during chilling and cooking phase.

Now if only #mellow would implement interface for #meater, and #meater would implement sous vide mode. It obviously is confused by the low ambient temperature.

But all in all a useful combination

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