#sousvide pork belly

Pork belly cooked sous vide on the #mellow from @cookmellow, served on lettuce cups with a bourbon reduction.

I had the pork belly already sealed with herbs in the freezer., so I started it Thursday morning, by selecting the pork belly recipe on the #mellow app, from frozen, medium rare, succulent. The app calculated a cook time of 48 hrs. I added the pork, still frozen, and some ice cubes to the cold water, and selected a completion time of 3 pm Saturday. So for the first few hours the mellow kept the water chilled to 40F, thereby thawing the pork gently. At 3pm it started cooking, while I was at work.

When it was done at 3pm Saturday, I drained the juices into a saucepan, added some bourbon and reduced it a bit. Meanwhile I crisped the pork rind still attached in a dry pan over medium heat. Finally I arranged it on butter lettuce leaves with the sauce on the side.

Bon appetit!

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